A List of Our Committees for 2018-19 Season with the Name of their Chairperson

Vacant spots will be filled at a later date.  The committees were struck for the 2018-19 season and are listed with their chairperson.  If you wish to contact a chairperson, you can phone 613-273-5789 and leave a message, or email the club at westportontariolions@gmail.com and it will forwarded to the appropriate member.

Property Rentals, Safety, and Facility Maintenance and Management Lion Don Baker

$10,000 Draw

Spring DrawLion Bill Garland

HalloweenLion Michael Harris

Awards/Appreciation NightLion Wayne Bent

Santa Claus ParadeLion Craig Jackson

Mobility Vans Dispatcher – Lion Michael Harris – 613-273-5789

Mobility Vans Chairperson – Lion David Blair

Vision Screening, Sight First, eSight & Hearing – Lion Jim McGlade

Christmas CakesLion Michael Harris

 Steak BBQLion Wayne Bent

Sports CommitteeLion Gary Warriner

Canteen and Inventory – 

Cash Calendars – Lion Jim Scala 

Recycling – Lion Mike Robinson

Moving Forward, 3 – 5 yr. planLion Jim Scala

Beach Volleyball Tournament – Lion Bob Reddick

Food Bank Christmas Dinner – Lion Wayne Bent & Jeannette Harper;

Website and Facebook AdministratorLion Bob Reddick

Recruiting Membership – Lion Jim McGlade

Fish FryLion Rick Warriner

Public Relations and Publicity – Lion Bob Reddick

Membership Recognition – 

Each group has several members supporting the chairperson.

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