January 2014 Westport Lions Club Calendar Winners

 Jane Knox-$1,000.00-Godfrey; John Rempel-$20-Potspoon Lake; Trevor Mayers-$20-Mississauga; Wayne Mulville-$40-Westport; Shirley O’Driscoll-$20-Renfrew; Charlie & Linda Brooks-$20-Perth Road; Elinor Reside-$20-Ottawa; Christine Teal-$20-Tichborne; Jacob Ross-$20-Elgin; Carolyn Finch-$40-Campbellford; Paul Brady-$20-Perth; Paul Henderson-$20-Delta; M. Salber & D. Luchenbach-$20-Rochester, NY; Diane Carty-$20-Kinston; Tom Keates-$20-Elgin; Rose Woods-$40-Elgin; Stephen Dier-$20-Perth; Frank Van Hal-$20-Wolfe Island; Nancy Etmanski-$20-Wellington; Paul Herlehy-$20-Westport; Lynda Rempel-$20-Potspoon; Margie Norwood-$40-Westport; Jason … More January 2014 Westport Lions Club Calendar Winners

Battle of the Blades

The Westport Lions Club will host the first Lions Cup Pond Hockey tournament this Saturday, February 15th starting at 10:00 am.  The ice is ready, the teams are ready, the weather prediction looks great.  Come to the Lions’ beach on Westport Sand Lake and enjoy good old fashioned hockey.  Food & beverage will be available … More Battle of the Blades