You Could Win $10,000

Don’t forget the Westport Lions Club $10,000 draw. Only 250 tickets have been printed. Tickets are $100 each. The draw will take place on Saturday, August 30 at the Lions Beach, 63 Mountain Road. You can purchase a ticket from any Lion member.

July, 2014 Westport Lions Club Calendar Winners

Alyssa Horton-$500-Mallorytown; Greg Lewis-$20-Westport; Phillip Beaudoin-$20-Mississippi Station; Jeff & Yvonne Gemmill-$20-Waterdown; Greg McCafferty-$40-Westport; Westport Firefighters-$20-Westport; Grant Wissler-$20-Portland; Mr. & Mrs. Brian Bond-$20-Elgin; Gerald Phillips-$20-Delta; Paul Herlehy-$20-Westport; Suzi McCulloch-$40-Westport; Davin Carlson-$20-Westport; Davin Carleson-$20-Westport; Terry & Ann Bryan-$20-Westport; Christena Harrow-$20-Belleville; Al Brown-$20-Portland; Jack & Chloe Pyke-$40-Wolfe Island; Alan Knight-$20-Kanata; Patrick Tobin-$20-Inverary; Rose Woods-$20-Elgin; Tim Horton-$20-Mallorytown; Daryl Wing-$20-Westport; … More July, 2014 Westport Lions Club Calendar Winners