Lions Hand Out Awards Delayed by Shutdown

TV draw sponsors Ragu and Ramam Sharma drew the ticket of Westport’s Camryn McNamee’s for the Lions’ big screen.

Past President Wayne Bent

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions decided they could not wait any longer to present special awards. Because of COVID-19, the club has postponed the inductions of four new members, the presentation of service awards and honouring past president Wayne Bent. 

President Michael Harris welcomed District Governor Jean Lauziere, who assisted in the induction of our new members at our last Zoom meeting. Lion Paul Thorp took over the next part of the meeting and introduced the inductees and their sponsors.

Jim Scala sponsored his wife, Cheryl Couper Scala.  Jim McGlade recruited hometown boy Danny Lewis into the Lion family, and Dave Blair enrolled Julie-Anne and April Baird.  Cheryl has been introduced to the community in the Review-Mirror, and Julie-Anne, April, and Danny will be featured in a future column.   

 District Governor Jean Lauziere gave a brief history of Lions Club International, followed by Michael Harris outlining the Westport club’s history.  This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of our club in 1946 and the 30th anniversary of the construction of our clubhouse. 

District Governor Jean presented Lion Kevin Kardash with his ten-year Milestone Chevron Award, Marty Hawkins with his 30-year chevron and Lion Jim McGlade with his 50-year chevron.

Lion Wayne Bent was presented with four special awards for his outstanding service to Westport Lions Club and Lionism. 

District Governor Jean read a letter from Icelander Gudrun Yngvadottir, Lions Clubs International Foundation chairperson, congratulating Wayne for being inducted as a Melvin Jones Fellowship. This award is named after Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions and is the highest recognition from the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Lion Marty Hawkins then presented Wayne with a gold watch in recognizing his 27 years as a Westport Lion. “ I am very proud to present Lion Wayne with a gold watch, said Marty, “as a symbol of the gratitude and respect the Westport Lions Club holds for him.” 

The third award was a plaque presented by Lion Bob Reddick to recognize Wayne’s three terms as president.  “Lion Wayne exemplifies the values of Lionism by working tirelessly to make our wonderful community even better.  Lion Wayne exemplifies what it means to be a Lion.” Bob went on to say, “The smooth operation of the club is a testament to Wayne’s attributes.  He treats everyone honestly, fairly and equally, and always does what he thinks is best for the club.”

The last award presented to Wayne was by President Michael Harris who gave him a trophy to celebrate Wayne’s 27 years of service to the Lions Club of Westport.  Lion Michael read the inscription and hoped this memento would remind Wayne how much the club appreciates his service and dedication. “Whenever there was a need, Wayne would step in to fulfill that need, whether as a lead, support role, or as a club officer.”

Lion Wayne thanked the club for the awards and the members’ support over the years.  He reminisced about his induction ceremony and said, “The Westport Lions always knew how to have some fun.”

During the business part of the meeting, the club passed a motion to donate to Westport Shares, an initiative started by Ken Rose. 

Bob Reddick updated the club on the developments for a community garden, and Marty Hawkins reminded members of the big screen TV draw, which was won by Camryn McNamee from Westport. 

Lion Jim Scala reported that a group of Lions would pick up a large furniture donation from the new owners of Foley House for the Re-use and Recycle Centre. 

President Michael thanked District Governor Jean Lauziere for attending and adjourned the meeting at 7:50. 

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