Westport Lions Club Executive for 2020-2021

PresidentLion Michael Harris
TreasurerLion Gary Warriner
Secretary Lion Bill Garland
Vice President of Publicity and CommunicationsLion Bob Reddick
Vice President of Lands and Buildings Lion Craig Jackson
Vice President of Finance and Legal Lion Larry Arsenault
Vice President of Mobility Service and Advanced PlanningLion Wayne Bent
Vice President of Lotteries and CateringLion Marty Hawkins
Vice President of Membership & VolunteersLion Kim Kelly
Vice President Dave Blair

One thought on “Westport Lions Club Executive for 2020-2021

  1. Hello Wayne and Co.; On my recent driving of a local resident in the medical transport van (David Blair signed me up as a new volunteer driver a short while ago), I noticed that some of your old Santa’s Reindeer were just lying beside the garage. These are the old reindeer that were replaced this year for the Santa parade.

    I’m wondering if I might be able to ‘buy’ one of them?… I usually make two annual donations to the club to support the medical van and your other activities (by giving my thank-you cheques to our Newboro neighbour Rick Warriner, or at the Cove’s springtime fundraising breakfast). And if I can have one of the old reindeer, I’ll increase my spring donation. David mentioned that someone else was interested in them, but they were still there when I did my last patient run to Hotel Doo a few days ago… so if one of them might be left, you could call me at 613-972-5555 … or by email at toby.stewart2846@gmail.com.

    Cheers! Toby

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