Lions Appreciate Donation from Young People

Ella, left, and Jona Goulet donated part of their Christmas money to Lions’ beach fund.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions recently received a wonderful surprise from Jona and Ella Goulet from Chesterville. Jona and Ella, ages eight and six sent the Westport Lions Club hand-crafted Christmas cards wishing the club Merry Christmas and thanking us for maintaining the beautiful beach.  Enclosed in both cards was a donation to the club taken from their Christmas money. 

Ella and Jona spent most of the summer visiting their grandmother, Denise Tobin, from Westport.   Ella and Jona looked forward to going to the beach every day,” said Denise. “The beach has amazing swimming. They really enjoyed playing in the sand.”  She praised the instructor, Colton Kelford, “He was wonderful with the children. When the lesson was over Colton would invite the children from the previous lesson to join the class in a swimming game.”  She hopes that Colton will return this year. 

Denise was happy her grandchildren made friends with other children, and they often played together after their lesson and shared a picnic lunch.

The club’s treasurer, Lion Gary Warriner, said he was “tickled pink” when he received the handmade Christmas cards. The Westport Lions often receive thank you cards from adults but rarely from a six- and eight-year-old. 

On their cards, Jona and Ella had drawn a Santa Claus with a hat, Christmas stockings with presents, poinsettia, candy canes and a cat.  On the inside of Jona’s card, he printed, “Merry Christmas Lions Club, Love, Jona.” 

The Westport Lions Club hopes that Ella, Jona, and Denise had a wonderful Christmas and wishes them all the best in 2022.

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