Lions Mobility Van Breakfast Raises Over $7,000

The Westport Lions appreciate the effort and generosity of The Cove and Bryan and Tracy Colford for the Medical Mobility Service breakfast.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions appreciate the support the community continues to give the club. 

On Sunday, April 10, Bryan and Tracy Colford’s family and friends, along with The Cove staff, raised $7,080 at the Lions’ Medical Mobility Service Breakfast.

After a two-year hiatus, the financial success of the breakfast was needed to restore the coffers of the MMS. The club appreciates the efforts of the breakfast team and the support and donations from the community. 

Over 250 people enjoyed french toast with fresh maple syrup, homemade meat patties, sausages and home fries.  Bryan and Tracy have organized the MMS breakfast for at least 20 years.  Not only do they work hard on the day of the event, but they donate all the maple syrup, about five to six gallons and supply 350 venison and pork sausages.  An additional gallon of maple syrup goes into making the sausages. 

The litre and a half bottle of maple syrup donated by Bryan’s Septic Service was won by Bill Garland.   The second prize, a print of the iconic goal scored by Paul Henderson in the 1972 Summit Series was donated by Wayne Smokey Sherwood and won by Jim Darrach.

The MMS service was limited at certain times over the last two years due to COVID but is now in full swing with eight drivers under the direction of driver and dispatcher, Lion Harry Beckett.   The other drivers are Dave Counter, Dennis Doyle, Dorothy Maynard, Dave Blair, Kathy Suffel, Leonard Merkley, and Wendy Briggs Jude. The club and MMS clients appreciate the efforts of these people. 

The Westport Lions thank Stephen Rolston, founder of Land Ark Homes and head of the Watercolour community for his unsolicited and generous recent donation to the club.  It is the support of the community and generous donations like this that allow the club to carry on with its many service activities.

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