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Meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 18:30 hours at 63 Mountain Road, Westport, ON.

Our District Affiliation is District A4, Region 30,  Zone Affiliation 30 S.

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“I slept & dreamt that life was joy. I awoke & saw that life was service. I acted & behold, service was joy.” -Tagore

(Description with thanks to Lucille Bresee, Review Mirror, Aug 18th, 2011)

It was in the spring of 1946 that a number of Westport’s public spirited citizens, realizing the need for a service club, organized the Lions.  The neighbouring club in Gananoque gladly offered their sponsorship and on March 26, 1946 the club received its charter.

Back in those early days, club members built an outdoor ice rink and then provided needed financial assistance and many man-hours to build the first covered arena.  This was an important factor in the realization of the present Community Centre.

When the club purchased the beach property, it was small and neglected but they acquired more land, held bees to landscape it and acquired picnic tables.  They have continued to  maintain and update it and, as you know, today it is a pleasant, well cared for summer recreation spot.  Hundreds of people of all ages from our own community, neighbouring centres and visitors from south of the border come and enjoy many hours of pleassure and relaxation.

The Lions have touched virtually every age group, and in some ways, each individual.  This includes the children who receive the opportunity to greet Santa at their Christmas parade.  One of the highlights for seniors is the personal visit of a Lion member with a tasty Christmas cake.  The annual Halloween party and treats for the youth.  Visiting schools in the area providing visual screening tests. Assisting with eye glasses, dental work, and other medical needs such as wheelchairs and crutches.  Sponsoring blood donor clinics for the Red Cross.

One of the greatest achievements of our club and one which has provided a tremendous ongoing service is the Westport Lions Mobility Van.  This vehicle is a familiar sight on local roads enroute to hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices.

As they approach their 70th anniversary,  be mindful of our founding Charter Members and their vision for the leadership that followed.

Charter Members – March 10th, 1946

R Abrams JD Kane
J Anderson A Lee
RR Andress ST McCann
WB Armstrong George McCulloch
SE Blair J McClement
Wm Blair E Menzies
WS Breakenridge WK Murphy
GT Butterill J Niblock
WJ Carty W Prescott
J Chisamore L Raycraft
AJ Crozier W Rice
W Derbyshire T Roberts
R Donnelly H Roberts
R Flegg (Sr) C Stoness
WR Goodfellow George Sully
Dr. FM Goodfellow R Sully
N Gordon N Truelove
Percy B Genge F Truelove
S Goodell GI Wing

Past Presidents

1946-47 WM Armstrong 1982-84 Ross Kirkham
1947-48 WR Goodfellow 1984-85 Jack Hearn
1948-49 George Sully 1985-86 Joel McCulloch
1949-50 RR Andress 1986-87 Philip Powers
1950-51 WJ Carty 1987-88 Ken Kirst
1951-52 Bob Donnelly 1988-89 Gary Warriner
1952-53 J Niblock 1989-90 Harry Laewen
1953-54 Roy Goodfellow 1990-91 Earl Grace
1954-55 WM Blair 1991-92 Brian Thake
1955-56 R Flegg (Sr) 1992-93 Neil Scott
1956-57 SL Conroy 1993-94 Norm Reside
1957-58 WK Murphy 1994-95 Marty Hawkins
1958-59 K McDonald 1995-96 Joe Boucher
1959-60 N Cameron 1996-97 Pat McGinnis
1960-61 GI Wing 1997-98 Roger Ingall
1961-62 Vance Gibson 1998-99 Harry Profit
1962-63 G (Fetch) Murphy 1999-01 Wayne Bent
1963-64 K McDonald 2001-02 Dave Blair
1964-65 E McGregor 2002-03 Howie Crichton
1965-66 W Thake 2003-04 Rick Warriner
1966-67 Art Beamish 2004-05 Dale Lyons
1967-68 J Dodds 2005-06 Joe DeKroon
1968-69 Orval Thake 2006-07 Wayne Bent
1969-70 WM McCulloch 2007-08 Mike McIntyre
1970-71 J Wing 2008-09 Bob Thompson
1971-72 Archie Rice 2009-10 Marty Hawkins
1972-73 Wayne McGregor 2010-11 Ross Burns
1973-74 Lea Hutchinson 2011-12 Jim McGlade
1974-75 Tony Dunleavy 2012-13 Marty Hawkins
1975-76 Robert Pedherney 2013-14  John Rempel
1976-77 Dave Graham 2014-16  Don Baker
1977-78 Fred Dollman 2016 -20 Wayne Bent
1978-79 Jim McGlade 2020 – Jim Scala
1979-80 Tom Potter 2021-22 – Michael Harris
1980-81 Rick Simpson  2022-23- Bob Reddick
1981-82 Murray McGregor  

Lion of Year Recipients

2021 – 22 Jim Scala
2020 – 21 Bob Reddick
2019 – 20 Dorothy Maynard
2018 – 19 Bob Reddick
2017 – 18 Harry Beckett
2017 – 16 Michael Harris

Melvin Jones Recipients Since 1946

Lion Norm ResideLion Gary Warriner
Lion Mary HawkinsLion David Blair
Lion Wayne BentKen Rose
Lion Rick WarrinerLion Jim McGlade
Lucille Bresee