Westport Lions News

By Lucille Bresee
    The January 23rd meeting of the Westport Lion’s Club was down in numbers from the usual attendance but with illness and seasonal vacation time it is to be expected. Only 11 members responded to the roll call with Lions Bob Weir and David Blair recuperating from major surgery,  Lion Norm Reside’s recent move to West End Villa in Ottawa, and the number of people travelling affected the attendance. The next meeting will be at the Country Kitchen on February 13th.
     Lion Jim McGlade has set up a visitation to the Perth Lion’s for February 4  with the Van leaving the Beach House at 6.15 p.m.  Also a craftsman Ross Patterson has offered to make a wooden item to sell tickets on for a fundraiser. He has asked for suggestions on what items they feel would sell. They are asked to contact Ross at RR2 Westport   The club sponsored a blood donor clinic recently and any offers to help out at any of the future clinics will be welcomed by the club. The Lion’s busy season will only be a month or two away. Please be ready to help keep everything going well.

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