Westport Lions Keeping Busy

By Lucille Bresee

Everyone is very proud of our Westport Lions Club as they have picked up the challenge to participate in the, “Pennies For Puppies” project extended by Past District Governor Lion Bill Dixon of Perth. We are all familiar with the wonderful assistance that trained “seeing eye and hearing impaired dogs” are providing those who have these problems, enabling their owners to more fully participate in everyday living. Now the newest project for these animals are to be fully trained dogs with the skills to help those people who have impairments such as autism, suffering from seizures and avoid these disabilities under their name of, “special skills dogs.”  They can assist their owners to open and close doors; retrieve dropped items; and indicate that a seizure or calamity is imminent. These dogs are trained at Oakville at the Lions Foundation and the cost of $20,000 is financed by Lions International and offered free to qualified applicants.
Locally, the Club has purchased a new water filter, allowing the water at the Beach House to be safe for drinking. Other purchases and updates are making the Sand Lake Beach House and its’ facilities better suited for the clubs own use and for those renting the premises.
Members are urged to continue the drive to sell tickets for the upcoming $1,500 draw.
The date for the beach clean-up has been set for  May 22, and Lions members are asked to bring along rakes, shovels, etc., to lend a hand with this important task. They are also reminded that a hearty supper will be provided for all who participate.
Long time Lions’ member and the strongest supporter of Lionism in Westport and area, the late Norman Reside is being remembered at a Celebration of Life service at the Beach House on Saturday May 25 from 2-5 p.m.  A bright light has gone out of our local club and all its’ activities and we will always remember his warm smile and willingness to take on any job with no thought for time and energy involved. “Thank you Norm for your years of service, they will not be forgotten.”

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