Westport Lions Prepare For Another Year

By Lucille Bresee

It has been a difficult period for the Westport Lions Club members as they completed their 2012-13 term in their ongoing community service work for the past year.
They began their plans for another official year – Sept, 2012-13 – of service with many different situations and structural needs to be taken care of at the Beach House and surrounding property. After a great deal of discussion and various suggestions it seemed almost impossible to come up with a clear vision for the future.
This Club has served this community for over 60 years and most people agreed their presence is important so the question of them not being active to carry on with their services was shocking. No Lions Club to act as good samaritans, ready to jump into action if a need arose that needed their assistance was unthinkable.
The loss through the death of one of their most valued members, Norman Reside was such a shock to everyone and would seem they were letting his memory down by giving anything but their best, to the Club’s future, they had to carry on.
Although a smaller number of active Club members was not as effective, it was a great year and a lot was accomplished.
The annual Ladies Night and installation of the new Executive for 2013-14 was encouraging and a number of new ideas and plans were put in place for the future. They took a significant part in the annual Village Heritage Day; the Beach House received a major makeover, with new heating and refrigeration installed, the future of the additional acreage, including the Trailer Park was discussed and some decisions made; the annual barbecue was held with one of the largest and best attended functions to date. The Spring Draw was an outstanding success and brought in much needed revenue. New tables and chairs were purchased by the Club and the cost covered by a fundraising dinner.
Adding to the list of community involvement by the Club is their continued support of the Red Cross Blood Donor Clinics, the Fall $10,000 Draw when all tickets were sold, the Fundraising Calendars and the Summer Bingos, were a great success with many volunteers stepping up to the plate. Tournaments in sports such a volleyball, golf and so on kept everyone on their toes over the summer. 
The club’s mobility van, staffed by volunteer drivers, is filling a huge need in this area and with it all working together to make Westport a place of pride and satisfaction to live in and visit.

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