April 2014, Westport Lions Calendar Winners

Pam Northam-$20- Lyndhurst;

Daisy Weir-$20- Westport;

Pat & Lorraine McGinnis- Westport;

Sarah Brown-$40- Elgin;

Darrell Campbell-$20- Perth;

Pauline Cardhouse-$20- Westport;

Theresa Diotte-$20- Westport;

Keith Steele-$20- Parham;

Chelley MacLeod-$20- Mallorytown;

Lorraine Brown & Kevin Cross-$40- Kingston;

Madelyn Ross-$20- Delta;

Bob Steele-$20- Westport;

Tommy Mulville-$20- Perth

Susan Barr- $20-Godfrey;

Adam Muldoon-$20-Perth;

Mille Simpson-$40-Elgin;

Norm & Marilyn Patterson-$20-Elgin;

Jason Pyke-$20-Wolfe Island;

Tom Norris-$20-Westport;

Cassandra Pyne-$20-Athens;

Bob & Kathy Pollard-$20-Westport;

Dan Jesson-$40-Perth Road;

Dunovan Donnelly-$20-Ottawa;

John Gorman-$20-Kemptville;

Nancy Ross-$20-Delta;


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