Westport Lions Rock the Beach Volleyball Rules & Notes

 The objectives of this tournament are to create a fun experience for the participants, raise money to enable the Lions Club to maintain the beach area, and take advantage of our beautiful setting.

 Teams Must Be Ready to Play upon the completion of the previous game. Three points per minute will be awarded to any team that is late. The times given on the schedule are an approximation.

 Each game must consist of 6 players, at least 2 males and 2 females must be on the court at all times. Each team can carry as many players as they want and sub in anytime throughout game.

 The two teams facing each other will referee their own match.

 A maximum of 3 hits per side (a block is not a hit).

 Points are scored by either receiving or serving teams. When serving is complete or receiving team wins a point, players rotate positions on the court clockwise. A team has 3 front row players and 3 in the back row.

 All other basic rules apply. A Lion member with the rules will be available at all times for clarification.

 Matches will have 1 set with each game to a cap of 21. Playoff games will be 2 out of 3 games to 21 (3rd game to 15 if needed).

 Teams will switch ends at the 10th point, or the 7th point of game 3 in the playoffs.

 Seeding will be based on: 1. Wins    2. Head to Head          3. Plus/Minus

 Play through the tree.


Thanks to Josh Furlonger from Ryatt for his help in creating the schedule.

 Please be early for your first game so we can complete the waiver form, and collect your $150.00. (unless you have completed the form, & paid your entry fee).

 Bring your families to cheer you on – the Lions Beach is great for swimming, and a beautiful place to spend a summer’s day.

There will be a canteen and a BBQ.



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