Santa Claus wrote a beautiful letter to the editor of the Review-Mirror.



To all in and around Westport from Santa

The Lions Santa Claus parade this year was a magnificent success. How wonderful it was to see so many adults along the parade route responding to the music, floats and parade participants. The most heart warming sight for me was to see the joyful faces of the children who appeared to be in an absolute state of rapture with everything presented to them.
Our Santa parade is the result of many organizations, businesses and individuals who wish Christmas in Westport to be so special. Through the generous support from our business community and the kindness of so many individuals who provide funding to ensure the parade continues to be second to none.
To the members of the Lions Club thank you for organizing the parade.
To the people of Westport and all the beautiful children it is most humbling to be your Santa in the Westport Lions Club Santa Claus Parade.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love Santa

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