Lions Hear First-Hand How Their Donations Help Out

By Lion Michael Harris

Have you ever been to a performance where the audience is totally engrossed and there is a quiet in the room because nobody want to miss a single second. Well that is what happened at the October Lions meeting where Riley Gammill and Sierra Peskett of St John’s Catholic High School came to tell us about their experiences in Guatamala which the club helped to fund. They described it as a life changing experience for them to help out in a teaching orphanage run by MPH (Our Little Brothers and Sisters), an international NGO. Observing profound poverty up close helped them understand how lucky we are as Canadians. It was amazing for us and gratifying to see these two articulate teenagers as it is rare to see the work we do in an up close and personal way. As rewarding as the actual trip itself was they also talked about the reverse culture shock of coming back and adjusting to what had been their normal life with a new found respect to use resources much more carefully and be thankful because we have so much and there are some who have so little and yet manage to be cheerful and friendly in spite of their deprivations.

That was a touch act to follow but Patti Marks did well telling us about her week at Camp Dorset near Haliburton where we helped her visit. The camp caters for those who have to have dialysis treatment which normally means they cannot go on vacation but the treatment is available at the camp itself. Dorset Camp now has extensive facilities for all kinds of sports, boating, dining and rounding out the day at camp fire activities and Patti and her friend had a special time enjoying what many of us would take for granted.

Lion Dale Lyons (a lion twice) tells us that the Santa Claus Parade will have an Irish theme this year. The parade starts from St Edward’s School at 2.00 p.m on the 28th November. We would much appreciate your donations to the food bank, either non perishable food or cash as our float passes.

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