Westport Library fundraising dinner at Lions Beach next Sunday

The Westport Lions Club lends a hand to the Westport Library next Sunday, November 20 when they host a roast beef dinner at the Lions Beach clubhouse.
The event is part of the outreach to the community which library board members have initiated this fall to avoid cutting the library’s existing hours in the face of an operating deficit.
The shortfall was over $4,000 before the fundraising effort was initiated earlier this fall. The Westport Arts Council will also be holding a tea at The Cove December 15.
The deficit came in part from library board’s budgeting of anticipated funding from the province which did not materialize, as well as the late arrival of another provincial allocation.
The library’s services benefit many area residents as well as summer visitors who appreciate its services, including Internet access.
The library has 507 patrons including 351 Westport residents and 156 non-residents who pay a $35 per individual or $45 per family annual fee. Both memberships have been raised by $5.
The proceeds from next week’s dinner will get the library board closer to its financial goal.
Tickets are limited and are available for one sitting at 6 p.m. Takeouts are also available. Tickets are available from Library board members or at the library. The number is 613-273-3223.

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