Lions Making a World of Difference



By Bob Reddick

 The Westport Lions Club focus has always been, and will continue to be, on the needs of Westport, Newboro and the surrounding area. However, our club is just a small cog in a big wheel of a worldwide organization. This past year, Lions International celebrated their centennial year by reaching an all-time membership high of 1,445,591. It is projected that Lion clubs will improve the lives of 200 million people per year by 2021.

President Chancellor Bob Corlew at the 100th International Convention in Chicago said: “For every Lion who is ready to serve, we can serve the needs of 70 people. That’s 70 people who won’t go hungry today, 70 children who will receive a free eye screening at school, 70 people who will regain their sight by Lions-sponsored cataract surgery.”

Lions’ legacy is that we are Knights of the Blind. But like the Westport Club, Lions International is so much more. Lions worldwide are focusing on hunger, the environment, pediatric cancer and their new global service cause, diabetes.

Diabetes affects 420 million people and claims the lives of five million each year. That is the reason that Lions International has made diabetes its new global service at the recent international conference. Lions are working to prevent type 2 diabetes through education, healthy lifestyle changes, research and improved access to care.

Lions Clubs celebrated their 100th birthday this year. Significant birthdays are a time to reflect, and remind communities around the world that Lions matter. It is not only a time to celebrate our past achievements, but to look forward to serving our communities for another hundred years.

Note: The above information was taken M.D. “A” Edition Nov./Dec. 2017 Lion magazine.

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