Lions Helping Patients Facing Cancer

Westport Lions Club Roar                                                                                                                       Serving Westport and area since 1946


By Lion Bob Reddick


Governor Shelley Gauthier from District A4 presented Westport Lion Michael Harris with a “Service with Heart”certificate at a recent gathering of the club.

There is not one member of the Westport Lions Club that is an Olympic athlete. But all our members have one thing in common with Olympic champions Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue. We can all sing O’Canada with pride and gusto. The Westport Lions started their February meetings like all their general meetings by singing O’Canada.

Every year Zone 30S takes on a project that requires funding that exceeds what an individual club can finance. At our first meeting of the month, our Club decided to assist with the funding of medical treatment for an eight-year-old girl from the Athens area who has cancer. She has been diagnosed with MDS-pre leukemia. The treatment will require high doses of chemotherapy and a bone marrow/stem cell transplant as soon as a donor match can be found. The total estimated amount for this project is $20,000. Closer to home, the Westport Lions Club has made the commitment to financially help a local women with the cost of her medication for cancer.

The club had a request to change the date for our Santa Claus parade from the 4th Saturday in November, which this year is November 24th. It was felt that a change in date would result in problems with the scheduling of bands, etc. and the request was declined.

Web master, Bob Reddick reported that we have received lots of positive comments on our website ( and Facebook page. All comments are welcome, but it is always gratifying when people appreciate our hard work.

Lion Bill Garland, chairperson for the Spring Draw reported that everything is in place and tickets will go on sale in the near future. President Wayne Bent is responsible for obtaining a spot for our booth at the Canada Day celebrations.

Lion Jim Scala is looking into the possibility and cost effectiveness of obtaining Wi-Fi for the clubhouse. It could possibly help in renting the clubhouse to various organizations and could be used for educational purposes for members. Lion Jim will report back to the membership.

On February 22nd, five members from our club traveled to Prescott to attend their meeting. It is always beneficial to witness how other clubs operate and raise funds. The Prescott club, which has a number of young members, bag and sell compose which is a very successful fundraiser for them.



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