Lions Urged to Spread the Workload Around

43722729_1692841157493037_156859545749028864_n.jpgZone Chair, Lion Sue Tunnicliffe encourages Westport Lions to be the best they can be.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

At our October business meeting we were honoured with a visit from our Zone Chair, Lion Sue Tunnicliffe and her husband Lion Brian Tunnicliffe from the Gananoque Lions Club. Sue opened her presentation by stating that her role is to support the Westport Lions Club to be the best it can be. Lion Sue is a member of the Global Action Team (GAT) bringing together the Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Service Team (GST) in a unified approach. Support through Sue and GAT will focus on the five key service areas of Lions: Diabetes, Environment, Hunger, Vision, and Pediatric Cancer.

Sue congratulated our Club on the many high value programs we provide to the community. She also praised our excellent communications provided through our website, Facebook and weekly newspaper articles.

Lion Sue initiated dialogue on new member recruitment and mentorship of new members to keep them with the Club. Lots of good ideas were brought forward. Sue offered to bring resources to our Club to help us with this task.

Ms. Tunnicliffe commented that Westport Lions Club is doing everything required to be awarded the Club Excellence Award except recording what we do on the “MY LCI Page” so that Lions International is aware of all our great work. She offered to help our secretary to complete this reporting task.

Lion Sue encouraged all members to give a helping hand. She suggested that we shouldn’t leave it to the same people to do the same tasks year after year. She would also like to see clubs assisting other clubs with projects and clubs asking for help when needed.

Sue closed with an open offer of help from herself and the Global Action Team. Sue’s talk resulted in lots of excellent dialogue among the Westport Lions Club and it was decided that we need to seek Sue’s help and GAT’s offer of support.

The Westport Lions Club would like to thank Lion Sue for taking the time to visit our club and inspire us to be the best we can be.

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