Lions Looking for Help to Keep Sand Lake Beach Clean

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Westport Lions need volunteers to help keep our beach clean.



Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick


The Westport Lions Club is asking for a few volunteers to help maintain the public Lions beach and park at 63 Mountain Road. At the present time, we do not have sufficient members to meet all of our community commitments. We have enough members to keep the beach weed free, but not to clean the change rooms.

Collecting the seaweeds from the beach, and cleaning the change rooms seven days a week requires many hours of work from the Lion membership.

We would appreciate the help of a few volunteers willing to donate 30 minutes once a week.  The job involves sweeping the floor, shining the sink and taps, whisking the toilets and taking a quick walk around the property to pick up small bits of garbage with a trash picker.  Last year there was not one mess in the change rooms all season.

One of the most important requirements of the job is dependability. The change rooms need to be cleaned, opened and closed every day to keep the property pristine at all times. The two ideal times to do the cleaning is in the morning before the beach gets busy or in the evening. Please email the club at or call 613-273-3499 if you can devote one day a week to do this task. There will be a short organizational meeting in the future to create a mutually agreeable schedule, to explain expectations and show where the cleaning supplies are stored.

At our April 24th general meeting, we received information about the Multiple District A Convention being held this year in Niagara Falls, and an invitation to the Circle of Care Luncheon.

Lions Heather Huth and Dorothy Maynard will represent our club at the Circle of Care Luncheon sponsored by the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation at CFB Kingston. The guest speakers will be Dr. Robert Siemens who is Clinical Department Head for Urology at the Kinston Health Sciences Centre and a grateful patient. Dr. Siemens and the patient will share how robotics is revolutionizing surgical procedures in oncology, urology and gynecology.

In other correspondence, we received donations towards the Mobility Medical Service in memory of Lion Bill McCulloch. The Westport Lions Club is very appreciative of all donations from the community.

Lion Jim Scala gave a presentation for a proposed new sign to replace the one that was destroyed by a car that lost control coming down the mountain. Jim talked about the design, cost, location and insurance concerns with the new sign. The membership endorsed the work that Jim has done. Lion Jim will check if the sign’s preferred location meets the county’s regulations and will continue to negotiate with the insurance company.

The calendar committee is hard at work preparing the 2020 Cash Calendar. Jim Scala presented an interesting slide show of the contents and heritage pictures in next year’s calendar.

Treasurer, Jim Scala reported that all of our accounts are in good financial shape. We will be able to cover our expenses to maintain our beach property with fundraising efforts like our July 1st $1500 Cash Draw.

We ended the meeting on a celebratory note with congratulations to Lion Ross Burns for receiving his 10-year chevron of service to the Westport Lions Club.

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