Lions Offering Varied Membership Levels

60185453_1983443931766090_613841145465667584_n.jpgLion Wayne Bent presents a cheque to the Pedherney family representing the Portland Centennial Ball Club.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick


When is a good time to join the Westport Lions? The short answer is anytime. We are a continuous intake club. However, for many people, September is the start of the new year and the perfect time to join our club and take on new, exciting activities.

All clubs need new members, so Lions Clubs International (LCI) offers several membership options to help people serve their communities as Lions. In addition to regular membership, there are special membership categories to meet the commitment level for individuals and for families, post-secondary students, former Leos and young adults.

The Westport Lions Club needs new members to carry out our current programs and obtain our service goals. In an effort to recruit new members, the club has decided to have three different categories for membership to meet individuals with commitment or time restraints.

Active members are regular members. Currently, all our members are active except one. They are expected to attend meetings and participate in more than three activities as a member or chairperson. They will receive all agendas, minutes and most emails. An Active member must pay yearly dues of $100. There is a reduced membership fee for families and couples. Nearly all of this money goes to the District and Lions International to pay for administrative costs, insurance, and a quarterly Lion magazine. If paying annual dues is a problem for anyone, the club can discreetly find a solution to the problem. Active members have voting privileges at the club and district level.

People have repeatedly told us they would like to join the club but do not want to attend meetings. To accommodate these people the Westport Lions Club has instituted a new category called Affiliate member. Members in this category must pay yearly dues of $100. They are not expected to attend meetings but are always welcome. These members are expected to be involved in Lion activities and functions when possible. Affiliate members can only vote on club matters. They will receive all agendas and minutes from meetings.

The third category is Volunteer.   The club has had many volunteers for years but has not formalized this category. A volunteer pays no dues, receives no correspondence from the club unless it pertains to an activity that they are involved in, and are generally involved in one or two club activities. We currently have approximately 30 volunteers that sell tickets and calendars, help with dinners, drive the mobility vans and help to maintain the beach property. These people are vitally important to the functioning of the club, and without their expertise and help, the club would not be able to provide the level of service that we do.

It is the hope of the Westport Lions Club that these three categories meet the commitment level of potential new members. If you are interested in joining the Westport Lions Club in any capacity please email us at or talk to any member.

Part of being a Lion is meeting new, interesting people and forming friendships. Last Friday night, forty Lions and friends attended the Thousand Islands Playhouse to see Ring of Fire – The Music of Johnny Cash. This show endeavoured to show the spirit of Johnny Cash and to recognize the impact of his incredible music and style.

There are a few $100 tickets left for the Westport Lions Club $10,000 elimination draw on Saturday, August 31st. Tickets are available from any Lions member. There are only 250 tickets printed. There is entertainment, prizes, and free beef on a bun for anyone who bought a ticket. The elimination draw will be held at the Lions’ beach and will run from 2 to 4 p.m.


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