Lions Continue Vision Screening Tradition

IMG_20191010_101207_resized_20191017_034822720.jpgLion Don Baker conducting vision screening at local elementary schools.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

            Ever since Helen Keller challenged Lions at the International conference in 1925 to be “Knights of the Blind”, Lion Clubs all over the world have conducted and sponsored thousands of programs for the blind and visually impaired. Some of these services for the blind and visually impaired are vision screening, guide dog sponsorships, supporting eye-care centers, purchasing vision-enhancing equipment and collecting eyeglasses.

The Westport Lions Club recently completed its vision screening testing at St. Edwards and Rideau Vista school. A total of 49 students were tested in grades one, five and eight at St. Edwards, and grades one, three and six at Rideau Vista. There were five students identified that should do follow up testing with an optometrist.

The club uses a basic vision testing kit consisting of an eye chart, the Ishihara’s tests for colour deficiency, related to colour blindness and Stereo Fly tester which checks for stereoscopic depth perception. Lions Dave Blair, Don Baker, Bill Garland, Jim Scala, Larry Arsenault and Jim McGlade along with volunteers Mike McIntyre and Jen McAra conducted the testing.

Each student that completed the test received a Westport Lions Vision screening sticker to wear.

The Westport Lions Club has been doing this testing for the last ten years. Both principals, Mr. Dan Lessor at St. Edwards and Mr. Jamie Campbell at Rideau Vista are strong supporters of the program and encourage the Lions to continue in the future.

Santa Claus parade chairperson, Paul Thorp, reports that everything is going well with the organization of this year’s parade. Again this year, the Westport Lions will be collecting money and/or non-perishable food during the parade.





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