Holiday Season Busy For Westport Lions Club


Over 50 seniors came to the Lions’ den to enjoy each other’s company and pick up their Christmas cake.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick


The Westport Lions Club expresses their sincere sympathy to Lion Dorothy Maynard and her family at the passing of her husband Bill Maynard. All the Westport Lions are thinking of Dorothy and will support her in any way they can.

Congratulations to Lion Paul Thorp and his team of Marty Hawkins, Bruce Maynard, Wayne Bent and Harry Beckett for organizing an outstanding Christmas parade. Several people have commented on Facebook and in person that it was the best parade ever. In addition to the parade committee, other Lion members were involved in many tasks.

A special thank you to the village businesses and members of the community that participated in and donated $3,550 to help cover the costs of putting on the parade.   As Lion Paul said, “It takes a village to make something great and that is exactly what happened.”

At a recent meeting, Lions Kevin Kardash and Bob Reddick were awarded their 10-year membership chevron, Don Baker received his 15-year chevron, and Terry Bryan was presented with his 40-year chevron as a member of the Westport Lions Club.

Our Zone 30 South chairperson, Lion Marg Brooker from Seeley’s Bay visited our club with seven members from Seeley’s Bay. To mark Lions Centennial anniversary of service to their communities, Lion clubs across Canada will plant 100,000 trees by the end of 2020. Lion Marg encouraged our club to participate in this challenge. Seeley’s Bay has ordered 150 Colorado Spruce trees to plant in the spring.   Our club was enthusiastic about the project, but needs to establish a plan on how we can best serve our community with this project. If you have any ideas that would help us in this endeavour please email them to

Lion René Reynen is again collecting socks for the local food bank. If you wish to participate you can drop off new socks at Seasons of Westport.

It will be a busy weekend for the Lions, with the delivery of Christmas cakes on Saturday, December 7th and the hosting of our annual food bank Christmas dinner on Sunday, December 8th. Santa Claus has promised to drop in to hand out Christmas gifts to the children. Again this year, an anonymous Westport citizen has donated money to cover the cost of the food.

One thought on “Holiday Season Busy For Westport Lions Club

  1. Thank you all and especially Gary and Don who delivered our Christmas cake this morning! It was and still is one of the really nice things that we discovered when we first moved here!

    My apologies for having being less active driving the vans in the last few months… Partly due to health and 2 an increasing caregiver role… I hope things will improve in the new year and I look forward to paying it forward once again. Merry Christmas to all Lions and your families! Toby

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