Super Heroes the Theme for 2020 Santa Claus Parade


President Wayne Bent (right) thanking Paul Herlehy (left) for his support of the Westport Lions Club.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

            There was so much interest created in last year’s Santa Claus parade that already people have been asking chief organizer, Lion Paul Thorp, what this year’s theme is. The 2020 parade theme on November 28th will be Super Heroes. All heroes are acceptable.

            Lion Jim McGlade started the business part of our meeting by welcoming our guest, Dan Lewis. Dan is considering becoming a Lion and attended the meeting to check out Lionism and see what our club is all about. The public is always welcome to attend a meeting or event to see if the Westport Lions Club is a good fit for them.      

            President Wayne Bent, Secretary Michael Harris and Lion Dorothy Maynard will attend the Governors Advisory meeting being held in Prescott. At this meeting, President Wayne will ask if our contribution to the zone tree-planting project could be planting mature trees on our beach property. We have had three trees die in recent years and would like to replace them with shade trees.           

            President Wayne Bent represented the Westport Lions Club at the Canada Day Celebration committee.   All activities except for the fireworks will be held at the Lions’ Beach from noon until 4:00 p.m. Already the air castle and a tribute artist Elvis have been booked. The club will again give out free hot dogs and drinks.

            The club thanked Lion Craig Jackson for coordinating the renovations of the cloakroom to provide a secure storage room for our sound system, audiovisual and kitchen equipment.

            The club decided to pay the entry fee for the Carleton Place curling bonspiel that was cancelled due to weather conditions since it is a major fundraiser for Carleton Place Lions Club.

            Lion Jim McGlade reported on an information session he attended in Perth concerning liquor licences, bar operations and related issues. It was suggested at this meeting that all local service clubs get together to create a standard rental agreement form to avoid potential issues. It is the policy of the Westport Lions Club not to provide a liquor licence or bar service with hall rentals. The reasons for this policy are the size of our hall, liability issues and modern drinking habits that do not warrant the administration, staffing and set up costs of operating a cash bar.           


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