Westport Lions Donate $3,000 to Fight COVID 19


Greg Patterson from Elgin is the winner of the Westport Lions Club TV draw.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

            President Wayne Bent, Lions Jim Scala and Michael Harris held an emergency virtual meeting to make some timely proposals for the membership to approve. The Westport Lions Club has voted to donate $1,000 to the local food bank and $1,000 to the Perth/Smiths Falls Hospital Foundation to help them fight COVID 19. In addition, the club will send $1,000 to Lions Clubs International Fund to aid their efforts to battle the pandemic. All other local charitable spring donations will be put on hold until normal business resumes.

It was decided that all regular meetings be suspended until further notice, but the President, Secretary and Treasurer will meet the first Tuesday of each month. Additional officers will be added in the event of any major decisions. There is no plan at this time to have the general membership included in a virtual meeting but they will be kept informed of all decisions.

All Westport Lions events and services have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. This includes suspending the mobility service and closing the beach and facilities. We ask that you respect government orders and not gather at the beach. Other scheduled events such as our spring draw, Lions BBQ, fish fry, senior luncheons and beach volleyball tournament have been cancelled or postponed.

The celebration of Canada Day at the beach will be decided at a later date. For now, the club is assuming that the 10K draw, the Santa Claus parade, cakes for seniors, and cash calendars will all proceed as normal.

Congratulations to Greg Patterson from Elgin for winning the 55-inch television drawn last Saturday. Kudos to Lion Marty Hawkins, who organized this draw and sold the vast majority of tickets in tough circumstances. Seventy percent of the proceeds will go towards charitable donations and 30 percent will go towards maintaining the beach property.

The club would like to recognize the efforts of club members to reduce operational costs in operating the Lions’ beach complex. Thank you to Lions Dale Lyons, David Blair, Jim Scala, and community member Dwain Smith for snow ploughing the parking lot this winter. Also, thank you to Jim McGlade, Paul Thorp and Bob Reddick for shoveling the walkways into the clubhouse.

The Westport Lions have served our community since 1946.   In that span of 74 years, the club has met many challenges, provided hope to individuals and groups, and brought our community together. We will continue to serve our community in any way we can. Our mobility vans stand ready to deliver food or medical supplies if needed. Let us continue being a caring community and put health and safety first.

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