Lions Beach Remains Closed

          IMG_2509The Westport Lions’ Club has been receiving a number of inquiries on the status of the beach.  It remains closed and the Club is assessing the situation weekly.



Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick


          Is the beach at the Lions club open? At present, it is not. The Lions club will assess the situation on a weekly basis.

            When we decide to open the beach, it will be publicized in the newspaper, our Facebook page and on the Westport Lions website. Any recommended and/or necessary protocols will also be stated. The beach house and property is privately owned and maintained by the Westport Lions Club supported by public fundraising.

            Westport Lions Metal Recycling Program under the direction of Lion Don Baker will open on May 30th from 9:00 a.m. until noon every Saturday until October 3rd, 2020. The recycling site is located at 245 Mountain Road. Safety precautions will be taken. We ask for your cooperation and please do not leave items at the gate.

            Although many of our regular programs and events have been cancelled or suspended, many Lions have been working behind the scenes. Lion Dave Blair spent a great deal of time cleaning and repairing our lawnmower after mice had built a nest under the engine hood. Lion Harry Beckett has been able to mow the grass with a fully restored machine. Also, Dave took the snowblower off the tractor and installed the bucket and beach rake.

            The Lions Club has a mystery. Last week the club received a message that an iron bar was sticking up three inches in the middle of the road between the Lions’ property and cemetery.  A pick and shovel were used to get the one-inch diameter bar out, but it would not budge. Lion Dave Blair took a chain and tractor to get the bar out but he could not budge it.   Next, we called Dwain Smith Backhoe Services to dig the bar out with his backhoe.

            The heavy steel bar was similar to one you would use to pry rocks with and was close to six feet in length. The Club would like to thank Dwain Smith for donating his time and machine in removing the bar. How the bar got there is a mystery.


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