Jim Scala, Westport Lions’ New President


Jim Scala is Westport Lions’ new president.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions Club welcomes its new President Lion Jim Scala, who assumed all presidential responsibilities as of July 1, 2020. As Jim is a relatively new member of our community, I would like to introduce him to you.

Jim spent 42 years as a financial services advisor and district manager for life insurance companies. His responsibilities as district manager took him from Cornwall to Burlington and as far as Thunder Bay. In the later stages of his career, he was associated with London Life but operated his own business.

Before the Scalas moved to Westport, they lived in Godfrey, but owned a wood lot up on the mountain. When Jim retired, they decided to move to Westport because they found the residents friendly and accepting of newcomers. Jim found the atmosphere of Westport similar to his hometown of Kirkland Lake.

Jim’s goal was to build a cabin on their wood lot using his own wood. He convinced his wife that it would be cheaper to buy a sawmill and mill his wood for the cabin, instead of buying or getting it milled.

The first couple of cuts to square up the timber are called slab cuts. Jim would take these slabs to the end of the roadway and put out an honour box for purchase. The wood disappeared faster then Jim could cut it, and then people started to ask him for live edge timber, which are logs sawed without turning them, so you have bark on the two edges. From there, Jim started making end and coffee tables, shelving units, signs and charcuterie boards. After six years, Scala Live Edge business is thriving, but he still does not have a cabin.

President Jim joined the club in 2013. In those seven years, he has been an incredibly active member. He has been treasurer for the last six years, where he revamped procedures and introduced technological improvements to our processes. He was instrumental in the purchasing of the mobility vans, helped to organize policy and guidelines for drivers and was a volunteer driver.

Lion Jim is responsible for the new sign at the entrance at the Lions’ beach. He took the initiative to research, purchase and oversee the installation of the sign.

Along with Lion Jim McGlade, Jim Scala expanded our calendar sales and made improvements in design as well as improving our bottom line by obtaining more advertising.

Also, Jim was actively involved in researching and purchasing the tractor for the maintenance of the beach property and the sea container for storage.

As you can see, Lion Jim is a busy man but he still has plenty of time for his three adult children and his seven grandchildren.

When asked what his goals for the future of the club are, Jim says he hopes to continue the good work of past presidents Don Baker and Wayne Bent. He looks forward to continuing their work and the new directions that they have initiated. He sees his role as President as one to support members’ efforts in conducting the activities and services we provide, as well as providing an enjoyable and rewarding environment for all members. His intention is not to micromanage, but facilitate the interests of the membership.

Jim’s immediate focus will be to maintain membership in these unprecedented times and prepare for the eventual return of our numerous activities. His long-term goal is to explore diversifying the club’s sources of revenue—perhaps expanding beyond holding multiple lotteries.

Jim Scala brings a wealth of experience to the Westport Lions Club. We wish him every success in his new position as president.

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