Lions Making Some Changes As They Emerge From Lockdown

116412795_10163787192850704_3349577990318007249_o  Part of the Westport Lions new management team. From left to right: Bob Reddick, publicity; Marty Hawkins, membership; Wayne Bent, past president; Michael Harris, secretary; Jim Scala, president; Gary Warriner, treasurer.


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

            The Westport Lions held its first in-person general business meeting since February 12, 2020, under the direction of our new president, Jim Scala. We have had a couple of virtual meetings with varying degrees of success, but nothing is as enjoyable, inclusive and productive as being back at the clubhouse and enjoying the fellowship of members.

            President Jim opened the meeting by outlining his thoughts and plans for the club in the coming year. He proposes that monthly executive meetings be discontinued and the business of the club will be dealt with on the second Wednesday of each month for members who wish to have an active role in club management.

            The fourth Wednesday of every month will be set aside for members who are involved with club activities but do not want to be part of the management team. Jim hopes that these meetings will be fun and increase camaraderie within the group. Once the pandemic restrictions are lifted, these meetings will include a meal and possibly some entertainment, guest speakers, trivia night or outings such as bowling or the theatre. Friends, partners and possible recruits are encouraged to attend.

            President Jim then asked for brief committee reports, some of which are outlined below.  

            Lion Don Baker reported that one recycling container has been shipped and the second one is full and ready to go. The recycling depot is open every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until noon.

            Lion Dorothy Maynard, the chairperson of the $10K, informed the membership that the license has been obtained and the tickets are printed. The draw will take place at Lockwood Memorial Park in Westport on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, October 10, at 2:00 p.m. Only two hundred tickets are being sold so you have a good chance of winning. Tickets are $100 each. You can purchase tickets from any member, or buy them online by emailing

            The director of the Santa Claus parade, Lion Paul Thorp, stated that he needs the go-ahead by September 1, to give him and his committee enough time to organize the parade. With the current restrictions on crowd size, the parade seems unlikely at this time.

            It is nice to see all the people enjoy the Lions’ beach. The club would like to thank all the beach visitors for taking their garbage out with them. It is remarkable that given the number of people that are using the beach, there has been virtually no trash left behind. Any personal items that are found are placed in the gazebo to be reclaimed.        

         Finally, congratulations to Lion Bill Garland for leading the record-breaking spring draw. It is a testament to Bill’s superior motivational, organizational and personal hard work that club members and volunteers sold a record number of tickets. Thank you to everyone that supported this fundraiser.


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