Westport Lions $10,000 Draw Tickets on Sale

The draw will take place at Lockwood Memorial Park in Westport on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, October 10, at 2:00 p.m. Only two hundred tickets are being sold so you have a good chance of winning. Tickets are $100 each. You can purchase tickets from any member, or buy them online by emailing westportontariolions@gmail.com.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

There were so many items discussed at our August meeting that last week’s column did not allow me enough space to include everything that was on the agenda.  The items that are of interest to the community are outlined below.

                  Applications for our fall donations to individuals or organizations must be submitted in writing to the club by the end of October.  Please make sure you include who is requesting the funds, what the money will be used for, if the request has certain time restrictions and any positive outcomes the funds will generate.  The guidelines that the club uses to determine donation allocations are:

  • Youth mental and physical development;
  • Senior mental and physical well being;
  • Relief of pain, suffering and financial hardship due to illness or disaster;
  • Purposes beneficial to the community.

                  You can send your request by email, westportontariolions@gmail.com or mail it to, Westport Lions Club, PO Box 428, Westport, ON K0G 1X0.

                  The senior lunches are suspended indefinitely.  However, Dorothy Maynard and Jeannette Harper reported that the distribution of Christmas cakes to seniors will go ahead with possible changes.

                  Wayne Bent stated that the giving out of Halloween treats might not be allowed this year.  If possible, Wayne and his committee would like to do something for the young people this Halloween.

                  Lion Jim McGlade announced that the club now possesses an OPTEC Vision Tester.  This machine measures colour blindness and depth perception.  For many years Lion members have screened for colour blindness, depth perception and vision deficiencies, but this machine will allow them to be more efficient.                  

                  Jim also mentioned that our club has collected 400 pairs of used eyeglasses, which he has taken them to Kemptville to be processed and shipped.  You can donate glasses to any club member, or deposit them in the collection boxes located at Westport Village Pharmacy or the medical centres in Portland and Westport.

                  Lion René Reynen, who manages clubhouse rentals, reported all rentals are on hold because of COVID restrictions in numbers, over which we cannot control. 

                  Some short and long term goals were established for the beach property.  Lions Harry Beckett and Bob Reddick with the help of Pat Reddick and Jeannette Harper have painted the gazebo.  A new roof will be installed on the gazebo this fall, and additional shade trees will be planted.  A possible long-term goal is to build a shade shelter at the northern end of the property.   

                  The club is currently accessing all of our programs and activities to determine if we can offer modified versions of them since the pandemic is not likely to end shortly.


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