Westport Lions New Executive for 2020-2021

The Westport Lions new executive for 2020/21, from left to right, VP, Marty Hawkins; Treasurer, Gary Warriner; VP Bob Reddick; VP Larry Arsenault; President Jim Scala; Secretary Michael Harris. Missing from the photo are VP Wayne Bent and VP Paul Thorp.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

At our November virtual officer’s meeting, Westport Lions President Jim Scala introduced his executive organizational chart for the Lions year of 2020-2021.   Five vice-presidents will oversee the chairpersons for each committee.

We currently have 30 different committees, each headed by a chairperson who is usually assisted by several members.  If you are interested in knowing the committees or their chairperson, you can find them on our website, westportlions.ca.

 In charge of membership is Lion Paul Thorp.  His portfolio includes social and sporting activities, our Lions barbeque, collection of dues, membership recognition, various events to generate funds and the recruiting of new members.

Lion Bob Reddick will head up the public profile for the club.  He is responsible for vision screening, food bank and senior dinners, Christmas cakes distribution, Halloween, Santa Claus parade, medical equipment loans, advertising and promotion, newspaper articles and publications, and maintaining our website and Facebook page.  Lion Bob will oversee any new public service activities that the club might be interested in doing in the future.

Lion Marty Hawkins is responsible for all the club’s buildings and property.  These would include the recycling program, volleyball courts and tournaments, beach, grounds, equipment and building maintenance, property rentals, and public dinners post COVID.

The member in charge of all financial matters is Lion Larry Arsenault.  Larry will oversee all non-lottery public money, the TV draw, the spring draw, the cash calendar fundraiser, the 10K draw, charitable requests and donations.  Also, Lion Larry will make sure the club fulfills our Lion International obligations, and our books are audited and accountable.

Lion Wayne Bent will oversee all aspects of the Medical Mobility Service. Wayne will make sure that the fundraiser breakfast for the mobility service, donations, vehicle maintenance, and dispatching of volunteer drivers all run smoothly.  

To round out the Westport Lions executive, the club has Michael Harris as secretary, Garry Warriner as treasurer and Jim Scala as president.

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