Lions’ Christmas Cakes Coming With a Little Extra From Students This Year

Lion Dorothy Maynard, left, and Jeannette Harper, right and Janet Mulville, missing from photo, were preparing Christmas cakes for local seniors. 


Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions Club is disappointed that we will not be able to organize the annual Santa Claus parade. Since we have no way of controlling the number and proximity of people during a parade, it was decided that it would not be a safe thing to do.  We have asked Santa to take time from his busy schedule to stop at Westport on his way to the North Pole. We have also asked Santa to walk around the schoolyards of our two local schools to wave at the young students inside their classrooms.  We will keep our fingers crossed that Santa will have time to visit Westport on his busy schedule.    

On Saturday, December 5th, Lion members will distribute 300 Christmas cakes to area senior citizens.  Because of COVID, there will be no pick up of cakes by seniors at the Lions’ Den.  Lion members will start delivering the cakes at 10:00 a.m. and should be finished by noon. 

This year, at the suggestion of Rideau Vista, the students from our two village schools will write letters to local senior citizens. Chairpersons Lion Dorothy Maynard and Jeannette Harper along with volunteer Janet Mulville will attach these notes to the Christmas cakes distributed by the Westport Lions Club.  This is a time-consuming task but well worth the effort.   It is hoped that these notes will turn into a pen pal relationship between the young people and the seniors.  Any time when a senior and a young person can make a connection it is a win-win situation for everyone.  

One thought on “Lions’ Christmas Cakes Coming With a Little Extra From Students This Year

  1. Thanks Bob; I understand the situation with the parade… and I’m sorry that the Expresso Shots interview started out so slowly — LOL! But the rest of the interview was OK…
    Please Stay Well all of your members;
    PS. Looking forward to being able to drive again when this is finished…

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