Club Developing Reuse & Recycle Centre

From left to right, Lions Larry Arsenault, Gary Warriner, Dorothy Maynard, Marty Hawkins and Wayne Bent present a $1,000 cheque to representatives of the local food bank.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions held their final general meeting for 2020 on Wednesday, December 9th.  We started the meeting with a taped version of the national anthem because we have learned from experience that it is impossible to keep our group together in song over Zoom. 

Lion Michael Harris presented a motion for the approval for the start-up of the Reuse and Recycle Centre.  The motion included:

  • Relocation of metal recycling;
  • Relocation of medical loan equipment;
  • Using the building to build up inventory;
  • Setting a budget of $500 for incidental expenses such as site clean up, assessments, and minor repairs.

The motion was carried unanimously.

This new initiative was spearheaded by Lion Jim Scala and with the help of Lions Michael Harris, Bruce Maynard, Larry Arsenault, and Dale Lyons they will fine-tune and implement Jim’s plan for the R & R Centre. There will be further information about this enterprise and the loaning of medical equipment in the New Year.

Chairperson Lion Dorothy Maynard reported that 300 Christmas cakes were distributed to local senior citizens.  In addition to planning the routes and organizing the drivers, Dorothy, Jeannette Harper and Janet Mullville delivered, co-ordinated and attached the student letters to the cakes delivered in Westport. 

This initiative was more difficult and time-consuming than they had anticipated.  But judging from all the positive comments and especially one written by a grandmother who received a note from her granddaughter, the effort was well worth it.  The club thanks and commends Dorothy, Jeannette and Janet for their outstanding success of this Christmas seasonal event.        

The club decided to postpone our 75th anniversary celebrations until 2022 due to COVID restrictions.

A finance committee was formed to oversee and monitor all financial matters of the club.  Members of this committee include Chair Larry Arsenault, Treasurer Gary Warriner, IT Support and Adviser Michael Harris, and if needed, ex-treasurer Jim Scala.   

Lion Michael Harris volunteered to represent the club at the Westport Cares meetings.

Lion Cheryl Couper Scala reported that all the 2021 calendars have been sold, and she has begun the task of imputing all the calendar data.

The Westport Lions Club wishes everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021.  Thank you to all our volunteers and the community for their tremendous support.

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