Lions Induct New Executive for 2021

Judy Pattinson, centre, accepts a cheque on behalf of the Rideau Sewing Club from Lions Gary Warriner, left, and Bruce Maynard, right.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

Seventeen members of the Westport Lions Club attended our first virtual general meeting of 2021. 

After the singing of O’ Canada, Lion Wayne Bent conducted the swearing-in of new president Lion Michael Harris.  Next, Wayne inducted the executive officers for the year 2020-2021.  They are:  Lion Bill Garland, Secretary; Lion Gary Warriner, Treasurer; Lion Larry Arsenault, VP of Finance and Legal; Lion Marty Hawkins, VP of Lotteries and Catering; Lion Paul Thorp, VP of Membership & Celebrations, Lion Bob Reddick, VP of Publicity and Communications; Lion Wayne Bent, VP of Medical Mobility Service, Advanced Planning and Past President; Lion Craig Jackson VP of Lands and Buildings.

New president Lion Michael Harris remarked that he was very proud to become President of the Westport Lions Club.  He promised to support and maintain the high level of involvement the Westport Lions have in the local and Lion community.

Lion Marty Hawkins, the chairperson of the television draw, reported all 225 tickets were sold in one week.  He thanked Lions Dorothy Maynard, Bob Reddick, Wayne Bent and volunteers, Janet Mulville and Jeannette Harper for selling the tickets.  Marty estimates 85% of the tickets were sold online.  Lion Marty and his team received a strong Zoom applause from the membership for a job well done.  

The next item on the agenda was a report by Lion Jim Scala on the Reuse and Recycle Centre.  Announcements for this new initiative will be delayed because of the COVID-19 lockdown, but hopefully, we will be able to receive donations by February and be open by May.  The Metal Recycling depot and medical equipment loans will be located at the R & R Centre.  Lion Jim thanked Lions Smokey Sherwood, Jim McGlade, Don Baker, and Cheryl Couper Scala for helping to set-up and organize our new R & R Centre.

The club approved the installation of a tiered answering service for the club’s telephone line.  Soon you will able to contact the Medical Mobility Service, the clubhouse and the R & R Centre by calling 613-273-5789.

The Westport Lions Club is appreciative of the kind words and memories expressed by Joan Ann Hutching’s (Gordon) in last week’s Review-Mirror.  Her reminiscing has generated many positive comments from the community that are always welcome by the membership.

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