Northland Donates $2500 to Westport Lions

From left to right, Riley Bennett and Cory Sauve from Northland Power present a cheque of $2,500 to Lions Wayne Bent and Gary Warriner.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions Club wishes to thank Northland Power and the general manager of solar operations, Gary Huizing, for their $2,500 donation.  

Northland Power is a global power producer dedicated to developing, building, owning and operating clean and green power infrastructures. Their facilities produce electricity from clean-burning natural gas and renewable resources such as wind and solar power.

Northland Power has been producing solar power since 2013. They currently have 13 ground-mounted solar projects located across Ontario, which is home to about 600,000 solar panels and produces close to 200 GWh annually.  Their Rideau Lakes sites are on Little Rideau Lake Road and McCann Road. (

President Michael Harris started our February 10th general meeting by reporting that he has focused on the administrative and maintenance aspects of our Club during his first weeks as President.  He is pleased that all areas of the Westport Lions Club are running well. 

Lion Michael hopes to establish some focus for each of our two monthly general meetings.  The first general-business meeting will concentrate on raising money, supporting good causes and providing service.  The second meeting will pertain to Lions’ business that includes membership, awards and recognition, celebrating who we are, socializing, morale boosting and recruiting.

Lion Larry Arsenault reported that Tim Edge donated a Samsung tablet to the Club, which will be donated to Rideau Vista School.

The club unanimously accepted Lion Larry Arsenault’s revamping of our Charitable Disbursement Guidelines.  The purpose of this document is to provide some process and structure in the making of non-biased charitable decisions to organizations and individuals that are consistent with the Lions Club mandate and AGCO guidelines. 

District Governor Jean Lauziere would participate at our next meeting to induct our four new members, April and Julie-Anne Baird, Danny Lewis and Cheryl Couper Scala, and present service awards to Lions Marty Hawkins, Kevin Kardash and Jim McGlade.

Information was given on some upcoming events.  Lion Bill Garland said tickets for our $1,500 draw would be available for sale imminently.  The draw will be held on Saturday, July 31st at 4 p.m. at the Beach House.   You will be able to purchase tickets online or from a Lions member.

The annual fish fry would be held on June 19th at the Beach House.  At this time, Lion Rick Warriner does not know if the event will be strictly take-out or if people will be allowed to dine on the picnic tables around the property. 

Lion Wayne Bent disclosed that the Health Unit has permitted the club to continue to operate Medical Mobility Service.  We currently have sufficient drivers to run the one van in operation. Dispatcher Harry Beckett reported that requests for the service are low.

Lion Bob Reddick outlined his proposal to establish a community garden in Westport where people can grow food for themselves and the Westport Food Bank. The Westport Lions and potential partner, Westport Blooms, are presently looking for a suitable piece of land.   

Lion René Reynen requested the club’s Forward Planning committee to consider researching the creation of a dog park.

Lion Jim Scala detailed his plans for the Re-use – Recycle Centre.  Jim has made a full written report to the oversight committee and everything is rolling out as expected with no major issues.  More details about the R & R Centre will be given in March.

The Club agreed to renew our Friends of Foley Mountain membership.

Lions Wayne Bent, Dave Blair, Marty Hawkins and Harry Beckett are discussing contingency plans for our annual breakfast held at The Cove in support of the mobility van service. 

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