Lions Find Location For Community Garden

The village of Westport has graciously offered the Westport Lions the land next to the village’s water tower for the Lions’ community garden. 

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions have taken a big step towards their goal of creating a community garden where people can grow food for themselves and the Westport Food Bank.  The club can now start building the garden beds since we have secured a suitable piece of land.

 The Westport Lions Club and its sponsors will cover the costs of building beds and preparing the soil. Gardeners of all ages will be responsible for maintaining their plot to a set standard. Rules for maintenance will be established, such as all gardens must be organic. Gardeners may choose and buy what they want to grow, except for marijuana and are responsible for planting, weeding, fertilizing and watering their plot. We hope that some gardeners choose to donate some of their produce to the Westport Food Bank.   

If you are interested in obtaining a four by eight-foot plot(s), please contact Jeannette Harper immediately at 613-273-5791 or emailing her at With this warm weather, we are anxious to start constructing the beds.

President Michael Harris opened our March 10 meeting by welcoming prospective new member John Ross.  Lion Marty Hawkins introduced John to the club, telling us that John is a retired engineer and carpenter, and that John and his wife Tara own the Dancing Moon Tea Room in Westport. 

The Westport Lions agreed to allow the Township of Rideau Lakes to conduct swimming lessons at our beach. The swimming lessons will take place three times daily, Monday to Friday during July and August.  These lessons will not interfere with the public use of the beach.

Lion Jim Scala reported that the Re-use & Recycle Sales Centre is progressing well.  Thirteen hundred flyers have been distributed in the North Leeds area outlining the items the club can accept. We have received over 200 donations of large items such as furniture, appliances, building supplies, plus four lots of tools. 

The R & R Centre has made 60 sales and donated a full 16-foot trailer of dishes and smaller items to the New Life Thrift Store in Westport.  The Centre is presently open on Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to allow items purchased online to be picked up and donated items to be dropped off.  You will find items for sale and information on the Lions’ Re-use and Recycle Sales Centre Facebook page. 

Lion Don Baker announced that all medical equipment is ready to be loaned at the R & R Centre.  Don would like to purchase three more walkers for short-term lending.

Lion Bill Garland and the marketing manager from Land Ark Homes are designing the Spring Draw tickets, and the Wordsmith will have them ready for an April distribution. Land Ark has generously agreed to pay for the $1500 prize.  You will be able to purchase tickets from any club member and online through Facebook or email.

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