New Residents Embrace Lions Club

New Lion April Baird enjoying two of her passions, the outdoors and archery.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

Have you ever wondered why people make Westport their home?  Most new residents say it is Westport’s natural beauty and the friendliness of the people.  New Lions Julie Anne and April Baird experienced the same feelings and decided to make Westport their home.  This week’s article will focus on April, and in next week’s article, Julie-Anne will be featured.

April Baird originally came to the area with her wife Julie-Anne while on the last leg of a 12-day motorcycle trip. They travelled from their home in Hamilton area to Manitoulin Island, Temiskaming Shores, and then to Ottawa. Their way home brought them along the Thousand Islands Parkway. While contemplating where to have breakfast, an admirer of their motorcycles suggested they eat at the Tangled Garden in Westport. This detour took them off their planned route, but they are always up for adventure and appreciate a good recommendation.

“Riding into Westport from Newboro, it was love at first sight,” said April, “The views were breathtaking.” After a delicious meal, they continued unknown to them at the time, past their future home, to Maberly where they took Highway 7.

The next year, some friends wanted to see the Long Sault Parkway on a motorcycle trip. April seized the opportunity to plan the route through Westport.

Growing up, her family loved to go canoe tripping in the backcountry. This tied in well with her family’s involvement with scouting. She grew up in the small village of Bayfield but found herself all over Ontario, loving the outdoors.

April’s career as a Systems Administrator and Computer Programmer pulled her into the big cities. She enjoyed it for a while, but always had a desire to get back to a simpler, quieter life closer to nature. In 2019 she decided she had to make this a reality. In January 2020, April started work at Wave Financial Inc. In her position as senior operations engineer she is able to continue her career working from home.

April enjoys hunting and competitive 3D archery. She and Julie-Anne have a small course of archery targets on their property and hope to find competitions in the area to attend when COVID-19 measures allow. This past fall, April harvested an 8-point buck on their property with her crossbow.

April and Julie-Anne noticed right away the outreach the Westport Lions Club does for the community. Although her life is full of family, work and hobbies, April is excited to be an active member of the Westport Lions Club. April is looking forward to helping out wherever she can to help the community.

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