Westport Lions Club Launches Spring Draw

Land Ark Homes Stephen has partnered with the Lions by donating the cost of the $1,500 spring draw prize. Back row from left Stephen Rolston, Marty Hawkins, Jake Warren. Front row, from left, Taylor Davis, Bill Garland

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bill Garland

Spring has different meanings to most of us and most are good – end of winter, getting outside again, renewal of plant life etc.  One thing spring means to Westport Lions members, its Spring Draw time.  The Spring Draw is the Westport Lions fund raiser that provides resources to maintain Lions Beach Park in pristine condition for the “No Charge” enjoyment by the people of Westport and surrounding communities.  The 2021 Spring Draw has the same objective with a very positive difference.  Land Ark Homes the builder of the new Watercolour community, through founder Stephen Rolston has generously partnered with the Spring Draw, covering the cost of the $1,500 prize.  In 2021 all proceeds from ticket sales will go to the Westport Lions Club for use at the Lions Beach Park and other community support programs. 

This past Saturday, Lions Marty Hawkins and Bill Garland met with Stephen Rolston, Jake Warren, Land Ark Social Media Marketer and Taylor Davis the CEO of PurePave Technologies to walk around the Watercolour property.  I am sure that many locals who grew up in Westport and played in the fields surrounding Harvest Creek, know of its beauty.  Harvest Creek gently flows through the Watercolour site to the Westport pond and its beauty was on full display this sunny day in April.  Land Ark has created the Harvest Creek Trail following the meandering shore of Harvest Creek.  This Creekside trail will be connected to the sidewalk network that circumnavigates the Watercolour pond and the entire Watercolour community.   The Watercolour sidewalks, nature corridors and trail will increase the Westport walking network by over 10 Km.

It is easy to see how the cottage lifestyle concept of Land Ark fits well within our existing community including its surrounding natural beauty and close proximity to the best beach in eastern Ontario, the Lions Beach.

Marty and I, were very interested to learn about some of the environmental building materials being used at Watercolour.  A lifetime of thoughtfulness and experience is going into Watercolour.  The Graphenstone paints being used are composed of only natural elements, graphite and limestone and will enhance air quality by absorbing CO2.  These homes will be suitable for people that suffer from chemical intolerance and be better for our health and the environment.  The Graphenstone paint inside a Land Ark home absorbs the same amount of CO2 as a 40 year old oak tree. 

Taylor Davis explained the benefits of PurePave Technologies driveway paving materials.  Most Canadian driveways have hard non porous surfaces such as asphalt, concrete or paving stones.  Water cannot pass through so water flows off the driveway into ditches or storm sewers creating ice build-up everywhere.  PurePave is a permeable surface made up of small natural granites that can be colour matched to the neighbourhood colour scheme.  Water flows through PurePave rather than across it.  Winter melts result in the water disappearing into the driveway and the ground below.  This greatly reduces the creation of ice on driveways making for a safer walking environment and reduced surface run off.  Each of the homes will have landscaping water run off enhancing technologies.  This will enable the homes to have a negative run off compared to the farmers’ fields they are replacing.

Marty and I were fascinated with the ideas and technology being used in this new part of our community.  Land Ark has not come to Westport to nail together some boards, sell homes and move on.  They are creating a neighbourhood within Westport, striking a balance between community life style and the environment.  We wish them well in building our community and thank them for the support to the Westport Lions Club and the people of Westport.

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