Lions Donate a Total of $5900 Among Nine Organizations

From the left to the right, Lions René Reynen, Larry Arsenault, Harry Beckett, Paul Thorp and Dale Lyons were some of the Lions that helped out at Tuesday’s vaccination clinic.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

Seventeen members of Westport Lions Club attended a productive Zoom meeting on April 14th.

Treasurer Gary Warriner reported that he received an unsolicited and substantial donation from car dealer Ken Johnston from AutoHouse in Kingston.  The club wishes to thank Ken for his generosity. 

Lion Dave Blair offered to manage the clean-up of the club’s old trailer park site.  Dave outlined a step-by-step process that will take the members until fall to complete.  Lion Dave thanked Lion Jim McGlade for already moving out some of the scrap metal left on the site.

President Michael Harris reported that the Rideau Lakes Township is preparing a memorandum of understanding with the club for allowing swim lessons to take place at Lions Beach daily this summer.        

Lion Bruce Maynard has generously donated an outside, wood-fired pizza oven to the club as a fundraising prize.  The executive recommends raffling off the pizza oven at the Westport Lions’ Steak BBQ attended by 200 Lions from eastern Ontario.

The club expressed confidence in President Michael Harris’s leadership by passing a motion to endorse Michael’s presidency for the Lion year beginning on July 1, 2021.  Lion Michael reassured the members that he would never take any actions against the hearts and minds of the membership. He suggested that we have to find ways to move forward and to make the best use of the fantastic resources available to us.

The club formally agreed to cover the cost of constructing 14 beds for the community garden.  The committee members, Donna & Bill Garland, Jeannette Harper, Wayne Bent, Marty Hawkins and Bob Reddick will plant and maintain two beds for people to help themselves.  The remaining beds will be planted and maintained by individuals that have requested a bed.  Please contact Jeannette Harper if you wish to have a four-by-eight foot bed.  The committee wishes to thank Lion Dale Lyons and Daryl Kennedy for ploughing and cultivating the soil.

The Westport Lions Club passed a motion to donate a total of $5,900 to nine organizations for the spring disbursements.

Lion Marty Hawkins announced that four new members have submitted application forms to join the club. 

Lion Bill Garland reported that sales for the $1500 Spring Draw are going well.  You can purchase a ticket for three dollars, or three tickets for ten dollars from any member or send an email request for tickets to or a Facebook message to Janet Mulville, Jeannette Harper or Bob Reddick.

The mobility breakfast has been deferred until later this year because of COVID-19.

Lion Jim Scala reported that the Re-use & Recycle Centre is a tremendous success due to the hard work of many Lions and the support of the community.  George Tackaberry, the building’s owner has visited the Centre a couple of times and told Jim, “I am proud to have you here.”  George offered to supply gravel for the R & R driveway and help with any major repairs.  The centre has attracted three new potential members for the Lions Club. The Centre is closed until further notice pending provincial recommendations.

Lion René Reynen has decided to discontinue his efforts to create a dog park in Westport.  René was unable to find a suitable site for the park in the village.

The Westport Lions Club has agreed to help out at the pop-up COVID clinic on Tuesday, April 20th.    A group of Lions under the direction of René Reynen have moved tables and chairs from the clubhouse to the arena.  Lions will be on hand to sanitize chairs, tables and washrooms, and to manage the queues and car parking.  Lion Paul Thorp will manage security for the clinic. 

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