Alternative Ways of Trapping Gypsy Moths

Lion Larry Arsenault designed an alternative way of constructing a gypsy moth trap.

A simple open gypsy moth trap designed by Donna Garland.

As a follow-up to our Gypsy Moth trap program, Lion Bruce Maynard and Tom Myatt have procured an additional supply of lures that will be distributed from the Lions Reuse & Recycle Centre located at 5294 Salem Road this Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  The plastic bottle traps have worked very well and a new design utilizing an open pan has worked even better.

Lion Larry Arsenault says: “Inspired by a photo that Bruce Maynard sent me, I made a trap and caught over 30 moths in the span of 12 hours. As a comparison, in the same spot, a Gatorade bottle caught three in 36 hours.”

A second example of an open trap was designed by Donna Garland.  You can see from the picture that after 12 hours the water in the trap is filled with dead moths.  She captured a few hundred moths in four open traps over a 12-hour period.  Please note that the lures (elastic bands) must be kept dry to continue to work.

A big thanks to Lion Bruce Maynard and Tom Myatt for helping us save our

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