Lions Prep Beach for the Season

Lions Smokey Sherwood, Jim McGlade, Bill Garland and David Blair were all smiles after installing the swimming buoys at the Lions’ beach. The washrooms are presently closed but the club hopes to have them open later in the summer. Please keep a safe distance of two metres from other beach goers. 

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions have had a long history of helping out families who have suffered from a house fire.  In the summer of 1949, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Norwood lost their youngest child in a house fire.  Johnny Norwood’s mother managed to save Johnny and his sister, Mary Jane, but was unable to rescue the baby Donnie.   Their neighbours went door to door to collect money to help out the devastated family.  Most of the contributions were one dollar, some were two dollars and only a couple of families were able to give three dollars.

Johnny Norwood has a letter his parents received from the Westport Lions Club dated July 21, 1949:

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Norwood:

            On behalf of the Westport Lions Club, I wish to express their deepest sympathy in your recent bereavement and the loss of your home.

            With the thought in mind of being helpful, we enclose a cheque for $50.00 as a contribution toward the replacement of your personal effect or any other manner in which it will be of assistance.

                                                                                    Yours faithfully,


                                                                                    W.W.L. Morlok

Fifty dollars in 1949 is equivalent to $563.11 in today’s dollars.

The Club recently gave a young family who lost their home to a fire a cash donation and a credit for the Re-use & Recycle Centre.

This past Saturday was a busy day for the Lions.  Three separate crews were at three different locations.

One crew put in the swimming buoys, one cleaned up the old trailer park site, and the third group worked at the Re-use & Recycle Centre. 

At the last executive meeting, the property committee outlined tasks for the improvement of the beach property. The executive approved funding for additional sand for the beach, gravel for the parking lot, the purchase of four new maple trees, and repairs and paint for the gazebo and picnic tables.

Our current fundraisers, the $1500 Spring Draw and Fish Fry will help to pay for these improvements and the general costs of maintaining the beach.

The lucky ticket for the Spring Draw will be pulled on July 31.  Lion members will be selling these tickets at high traffic points around town.

The Club’s annual fish fry will be on Saturday, June 19, from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.  Each dinner is $17.00 and is take-out only.  The Lions appreciate your support.

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