From left, Lions Wayne Bent, Michael Harris, Bill Garland and Marty Hawkins assisted in drawing the winning $1,500 cash ticket. The winner was Richard Tsushima.

The Westport Lions wrapped up their 2021 Cash Draw on Saturday with the drawing of the winning ticket at the Lions Beach.

The Lions Club would like to thank Watercolour Westport for their sponsorship of this years draw. Their sponsorship means that all but $80 of the proceeds are available for Lions Beach and Lions community support projects. The Westport Lions would also like to thank the community for their great support to the draw delivering record sales for this years draw.

Lori Vulgamott, from Perth, kindly volunteered to pull the winning ticket. Richard Tsushima, a Devil Lake cottager and resident of Newmarket, Ontario was the lucky winner of $1500.

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