Westport Lions Recognize Tackaberry & Sons With Donation to Athens Club

From left to right, Westport Lions Cheryl Couper Scala and Bruce Maynard, Kevin Tackaberry, George Tackaberry, Westport Lion Jim Scala, Athens Lions President Kevin Gainford, and Westport Lion Jim McGlade.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

Representatives from Westport Lions Club Recycle & Re-Use Centre recently donated to the Athens Lions Club in recognition of G. Tackaberry and Sons Construction Company’s support of the Westport Lions Club.

The original discussions with George and Kevin Tackaberry allowed the Westport Lions Club free use of their building for the Lions’ Recycle & Re-Use Centre on the Salem Road.  The Westport Lions agreed to pay for utilities.  However, Tackaberry Construction has not asked the Westport club to pay the hydro bill. 

The Westport Lions have a long and close relationship with the Athens Lions and Tackaberry Construction.   We have worked the gates at their Athens Farmers Day event, and the Tackaberrys have supported our many fundraising initiatives. 

The Recycle & Re-Use committee wanted to show their appreciation to George and Kevin Tackaberry, so they donated to the Athens Club instead of paying for utilities.

Both the Athens Club and the Tackaberrys were appreciative of the Westport club’s donation.  George Tackaberry commented after the presentation, “We are proud to have Westport Lions use our building, and you have the use of it as long as you want.”

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