New Lion Brings Youth To Club

New member Joanne O’Neil brings youth, enthusiasm, and a new perspective to the Westport Lions. 

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

You do not have to talk to Joanne O’Neill (Norris) very long to know that she loves Westport. Joanne brings youth, enthusiasm, and a new perspective to the Westport Lions. 

Lion Joanne was born and raised in Westport, like her two daughters, Shelley, and Shyanne. 

“Westport is a great place to raise kids,” says Joanne.  “I love spending time with my four grandchildren, and I am lucky to be able to take them for a weekend every month.”

O’Neill knows many of the current Lions and has worked with Lion Wayne Bent as a custodian in Gananoque Secondary School and Rideau Vista in Westport before becoming a personal support worker (PSW). 

Joanne has worked at Lanark Lodge in Perth for over 20 years and has been on the executive for CUPE for over 15 years. Her job as a PSW suits her personality of being a caring, people-centred person. Lion O’Neill enjoys caring for the elderly.  “COVID-19 has been especially tough on seniors,” says Joanne.  “They look forward to you even spending a few minutes with them.”

Joanne decided to become a Lion after talking to Lions Cheryl Couper Scala, Jim Scala and Jeannette Harper about Lionism at the Lions’ Reuse and Recycle Centre. 

“I now have the time to help out,” Joanne enthusiastically exclaims. “I am pumped up about the Lions and hope to bring spirit to the club.”

Lion Joanne is no stranger to providing service to her community.  She helped her grandfather, Gerald Last, run the snowmobile club. She assisted in making snacks for the kindergarten class at Rideau Vista and was a brownie leader. 

Since joining the Lions, Joanne has demonstrated a willingness to help in Lion endeavours. She has been involved in the Lions R. & R. Centre, Westfest and is currently assisting in the toy drive.  Joanne’s willingness to be involved, and her youth and perspective will bring new life to the Westport Lions Club. The club welcomes Lion Joanne O’Neill.     

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