Volunteer Comes To Lions Rescue

It took more than Paul Herlehy’s shovel to clear the snow from the Lions parking lot!

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions thank Paul Herlehy for coming to our aid in ploughing the parking lot at the beach. The snow was so deep after the recent storm that the Lions’ tractor could not move it. It was suggested to Lion Dave Blair that he should contact Paul Herlehy, owner of Herlehy Home Building Centre.  Paul has a tractor powerful enough to tackle a huge amount of snow.  Lion Dave reminded Paul to submit a bill for clearing our large parking lot.  Paul told the club that it was a donation, and he was happy to help.

This is not the first time Paul has donated to the Westport Lions Club. In the past, Herlehy Home Building Centre has donated free lumber to build the boxes for our community garden and has always been a great supporter of the club. Also, Herlehy Home Building Centre is sponsoring our upcoming $1500 Spring Draw. 

It is commendable and appreciated when citizens of our community volunteer their time to help the club.  But when a person offers their time, plus their equipment, with all the expenses that go along with it, now that’s impressive.

The Lions’ Medical Mobile Service has continued to operate during the Omicron outbreak with a few adaptions.  The continued service is mainly due to the efforts of Lion Harry Beckett.  Harry has acted as a dispatcher and sole driver during the outbreak. At this time, the club is only operating the van and cannot accommodate clients in wheelchairs. The club requires clients to have a least two vaccine doses and be mobile.  If the client needs assistance, then the client should bring a friend to assist them.

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