Lions Induct New Members

From the left, Membership chairperson Kim Kelly, sponsor Bob Reddick, inductee Lisa Walsh, sponsor Barb Fritz, inductee Tammy Legere, sponsor George Jones, and President Michael Harris.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The highlight of the club’s March 23 general meeting was the induction ceremony led by Membership chairperson Kim Kelly for new Lions Lisa Walsh and Tammy Legere. Lion Kim had previously met with Lisa and Tammy to provide them with information about Lions International, what Lionism is about and the expectations of being a club member. 

The Lions induction ceremony is a formal event, but it always has its lighthearted and personal moments. After both recruits confirmed their interest in joining the Westport Lions Club, Lion Jim McGlade read the purposes of Lions Club International. This was followed by a group of Lions reading the Lions Code of Ethics.  

President Michael Harris received pledges from Tammy and Lisa to follow the spirit of Lionism.   

Lion Kim Kelly asked for pledges from sponsors Lions Bob Reddick, George Jones, and Barb Fritz that they would support and mentor the new members. 

New Lions Lisa Walsh and Tammy Legere were then formally welcomed into the Westport Lions Club with a traditional handshake from all members present.  

The new members then gave a brief introduction of themselves. Tammy Legere and her family moved from Portland to the Westport area. Tammy stated that she wanted to join the Westport Lions to become part of the community.  

Lisa Walsh is a long-time Westport resident and had been the recipient of e-Sight glasses from the Westport Lions Club to correct a lifelong sight deficiency. Lisa stated that she wanted to join the club to help others in the community.  

The Westport Lions would like to thank everyone that contributed to the club’s Ukrainian fund. To date, the club has collected $5,180 from the community and will add another $5,000 of the club’s money to send to the Red Cross. In addition, the club sent $2,000 to Lions International to help with their initiative.  

Mary Chaikowsky’s fundraiser for the Ukraine Humanitarian Relief has raised $17,000, with money still coming in. In total, area residents have donated more than $29,000 to the cause, and this does not include individual contributions to other organizations. It makes one proud to be a Canadian.  

The nominations committee comprising of Lions Kim Kelly, Wayne Bent, Bob Reddick and Marty Hawkins received nominations for next year’s executive. Lions Barb Fritz, Michael Harris, April Baird, and Tammy Legere will oversee the elections on April 13. The new executive will start their term on July 1.  

Lion Bill Garland, chairperson for the Spring Draw distributed tickets to the membership. This year’s $1,500 cash draw is sponsored by Herlehy Home Building Centre. The tickets are $10 for one and three for $20. The draw will take place at the Lions Beach on Saturday, July 30, 2022.  

Lion Marty Hawkins reported that the Hutchinson family donated money to the club to purchase two aluminum picnic tables in the memory of former Lion Lea Hutchinson.  Lea and his wife Phyllis were once owners of the Westport Mirror.

Lion David Blair reported that everything is in place for the Mobility Breakfast at The Cove on Sunday, April 10 from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. 

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