Students Connect with Seniors

Rideau Vista students are holding their Easter “Pi Poem” cards they created to share with their senior pen pals. These cards contain poems based on 3.14159. Each “Pi” poem is constructed with the following sequence: three words, one word, four words, one word, five words and nine words.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

It is always rewarding to hear a heart-warming story that is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  

For the past couple of years, classes from Rideau Vista Public School have sought to connect with seniors in our community to overcome some of the social barriers created by the pandemic.

Students from Ms. Scanlon Strotmann’s 3/4/5 class have made cards, written notes and created a “pen pal” friend with a specific senior. The initial challenge for Ms. Scanlon was to find seniors for her students to write to and then get the cards and notes to the seniors.  Principal David Morrison contacted the Westport Lions Club to see if they would have knowledge of seniors who would appreciate a message from a student.  

Lion Don Baker, who delivers medications to seniors, provided the school with a list of first names of seniors who would be interested in receiving correspondence from a student. The seniors were so appreciative of the students’ cards they asked Don what they could do. Don suggested they write back to the students.  This is how Lion Don became the legs for the correspondence.

Lion Don delivers the cards and notes to the seniors and then transports the seniors notes back to the students.  Some of the seniors even sent chocolate Easter bunnies to the students.

“This wonderful experience has allowed our students to practice their writing skills, while also making a relevant connection in the community,” says Principal David Morrison. “The students look forward to creating the cards as much as the seniors enjoy receiving them.”

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