Westport Lions Beach is Ready for the Summer

The happy lawn crew at the Lions beach.  Left to right, Lions Jim McGlade, Smokey Sherwood, and Harry Beckett. Bob Reddick took the picture.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions Beach is ready for you to enjoy. The picnic tables are out. The swimming buoys are in place. The washrooms have been cleaned and are in working order. In addition, the beach has been cleared of winter debris, and two loads of sand have been spread. 

The Westport Lions would like to recognize and thank the dedicated crew that maintain the Lions beach for your enjoyment. 

The grass cutting crew consisting of Lions Jim McGlade, Wayne “Smokey Sherwood, Bob Reddick and Harry Beckett meet every Thursday to cut the grass.

Lion Jim McGlade found the water especially cold this year putting in the swimming buoys.  To his dismay, he had to go back in the chilly water the following day to reset buoys due to high winds. 

Out of 40 Lion members and an appeal to the public, only nine people volunteered to open and clean the washrooms.  Many people consider this task to be a dirty job, but really, it isn’t.  In the past five years, not one cleaner has reported a mess.  The most common comment one hears from the cleaners is how clean they find washrooms.  The club kindly asks users of the beach to take all their garbage out with them, including doggy pooh.  The Lions appreciate the co-operation of the public in this matter. 

If you happen to see one of the following cleaners cleaning the washrooms or picking up garbage, please say thank you.  The washroom cleaners are Cait Maloney, Philip Hammond, Lion Glenn Wilcox, Lion Bob Reddick, Peggy and Bob Thompson, Lion Kim Kelly, Wendy Briggs-Jude, and Lion Dorothy Maynard.  Lion Marty Hawkins locks the washrooms every night until the middle of June, when Chris Hartley and Marty will share the task. The club thanks these volunteers.

The beach cleaning crew lead by Lion Wayne Bent consists of Lions Julie-Anne Baird and Dale Lyons.  Rounding out the team are community volunteers Donna Roth, Dwain Smith, and Joel McCulloch.  Again, the Westport Lions thank these volunteers for removing the weeds from the beach seven days a week.

It takes 18 volunteers to keep the beach property pristine, and this doesn’t include the members that do minor repairs to the Lion facilities.   Why do these people volunteer?  The reasons vary, but they all have a sense of pride in our community and wish to make Westport and area a better place to live.  Thank you.

Please enjoy our beautiful beach and grounds with your families and friends and do your part to keep it a cherished delight.

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