Linda Hanna wins Lions’ $1,500 Cash Draw

Aliyah Lofaso from Perth drew the winning ticket with the assistance of Lions Bill Garland, left, and Marty Hawkins, right.

Linda Hanna from Westport, centre, won the $1,500 Lions Cash Draw.  Chairperson, Lion Bill Garland, left, and Treasurer, Lion Gary Warriner presented the cheque.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bill Garland

Most of you have probably seen Westport Lions member’s set-up with table and chairs selling Cash Draw tickets around the village over the past few months.  This annual draw funds the operation of the Lions Beach Park and provides resources to enable the Club to support residents and organizations in need of financial aid. 

This year’s draw was held on Saturday where the winning ticket was drawn at the Lions Beach Park at 4 p.m.  A group of Lions members came out to witness Aliyah Lofaso from Perth reach into our ticket drum and pull out the winning ticket.  Aliyah is the grand-daughter of Westport Lions member Dave Lowery.  Aliyah handed Lion Bill Garland the winning ticket purchased by Linda Hanna from the Westport area.

Lions Gary Warriner and Bill Garland presented the $1,500 cheque to Linda Hanna on the deck of the Lions Beach House.  Linda responded that she was very pleased with her good fortune.  She commented that she had never before won a prize of this magnitude.  The Westport Lions are pleased to congratulate Linda Hanna as the 2022 winner of our Cash Draw!

The Westport Lions would like to thank the community for their continued support of Club fund raising activities, like our Cash Draw.  Your support enables us to provide valuable services and aid to our community.

A special thank you to Paul Herlehy, president of Herlehy Home building Centre, for his sponsorship of the $1,500 Cash Draw.  The club appreciates his continuous support.

Thanks Westport!

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