Lions Show Appreciation to Volunteers

Lions Kim Kelly, left, and Tammy Leger, right, with her foster son, Alben at Lions Appreciation banquet.

Westport Lions Roar

By Lion Bob Reddick

The Westport Lions held an appreciation banquet on September 28 to celebrate the club’s achievements and thank the members and volunteers who work extremely hard to serve you. 

The club is involved in 33 different activities.  With 37 paid memberships, the club could not implement all these activities without the help of 30 volunteers.  This number does not include people that help us in a non-scheduled activity, for example, Charlie Norwood and Matt Madden, who cut up and carted away a fallen tree. Phil Younge, who straightened the club’s road entrance, or Paul Herheley, who ploughed our parking lot after a heavy snow fall.  

Lion Kim Kelly’s attention to detail in organizing the event was outstanding.  Several people commented that the hall looked fantastic.  Kim created a festive atmosphere by decorating the hall with balloons, tablecloths, and gift bags, all in Lion colours of yellow and purple. She even brought in her party rocker to provide music and disco lights. The members and volunteers enjoyed the continuous slide show of Lion activities on the big screen television.

The group savored a turkey and ham dinner that was expertly prepared by Marty Hawkins, Jeannette Harper, Pat Reddick, and their team. 

After dinner each volunteer was given a gift bag, and then Kim played a game of Lion trivia that generated lots of banter and laughter.  The activity reminded everyone of their school days where there was always a least one table that shared answers. 

Two of the youngest volunteers received special attention.  Alben, the foster child of Lion Tammy Leger helped his mom and Lion George Jones with metal recycling at the Lions’ Reuse and Recycle Centre. Brayden, the grandson of volunteer Cait Maloney assisted his grandmother cleaning the washrooms and picking up garbage at the beach.  What better way to start someone on the path of volunteerism then to work alongside your child or grandchild?

The Westport Lions thank all volunteers who graciously give up their time and support our fundraisers.

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