Westport Lions Club News

By Lucille Bresee
            The Westport Lions Club changed the locations of their January and February meetings and gathered on the 25th at the Rideau Restaurant on Bedford Street with an excellent attendance and a very worthwhile meeting.
            Some members are enjoying the summer climes of the south and possibly a few games of golf.
            President,  Lion Jim McGlade was in the chair and a general vote of those attending accepted the report of the  Board of Directors. Two of the motions from that group were endorsed by the general meeting and they contained a wide ranging discussion with many helpful suggestions for the Property and Rental Committee to consider.
            The “Sight First Program”, set up by Lions International will be the main object of the Westport Club and a financial donation is being sent to the Guide Dog Training Program.
            The Westport Lions Club is justifiably proud  of their Mobility Van with wheelchair lift and tie downs and the service they provide to the people of the surrounding area and for many it has been a life saver especially in the winter months. It is available to those who need this kind of assistance and makes it possible for them to keep appointments in comfort. They travel to nursing homes, clinics, hospitals and doctors offices. Since Oct. 2011, three volunteers Lions Club drivers visited Perth, Kingston, Merrickville, Smiths Falls and  Brockville. Drivers, Lions Pat McGinnis, John Rempel and Bob Weir, covered 3,000 kilometers; spent 150 hours at the wheel in trips to local clinics at Westport; Country Roads clinic in Portland and one in Newboro were also necessary.
            The Lions Club appreciates all the support they receive from this community and especially want to express thanks to Joel and Tim McCulloch for plowing the snow in the Beach property around the Club House; to Glen McNichols for sanding the area so the Van could get out to do a run the day of the ice and Rikki’s Repair for servicing the Van.
            The Club was proud to have the Van transport Santa in the annual Parade and have him there to greet all his little friends. They also delivered the Christmas cakes to the seniors and shut-ins, both in Westport, Newboro and area.
            The Club has planned their meeting and dinner on Feb. 8, at the Club House and on the 22nd at the Tangled Garden on Church Street.

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